One or more fragments of text or words spoken simultaneously are alternated with short silences of a few seconds. These sound-fragments have been taped from existing TV-programs, selected as to subject, emotional value and sound, and subsequently added together to a rhythmically breathing entity.

During the pronouncement the words or sentences are visualised as text. (Alongside: JA....., JÁÁÁ... , yes..... , pronounced simultaneously by different persons, with conformity in emotional value) Divided over the three monitors or three video projections you can see the picture of a human body, with the atmosphere of an X-ray. Movement and interruption of it, go exactly together with the rhythm of the texts. All pictures are entirely in red.

alternatieve text

‘Nóóó, you don’t understand’

A video installation by Peter Bogers, 1991

·                  VIDEO


·                  Iris Dressler, catalogue-text from ‘Reservate Der Sehnsucht’, 1998 (English/German)


·                  Review ‘Nóóó, you don’t understand’ in Galerie “Im Winter“ (German)


·                  Part of the speach of Hermann Nöring in Galerie “Im Winter“, Bremen (German)