‘Frozen Voice’


Original version (presented in ‘Het Archief’, The Hague, 1993)


In Frozen Voice the human voice is used as the 'sound basis'. We hear continual, gradual changes ranging between 'scream' and 'song' in various tonal pitches using vocal pieces composed by the artist.

Three different vocal parts in three different octaves (each of about 6 minutes) are alternated and connected to each other by a screaming voice.

During the vocal parts the ‘sound-scape’ gradually  changes as one moves through the room.


On five monitors images of an eye, an ear, a mouth and the soles of two feet are to be seen. These bodily parts, isolated from their surroundings, make gently rocking and circling movements during the choral parts. In the screaming phases, however, they remain perfectly still.

The initial presentation has been in ‘Het Archief’ (The Archive) , The Hague, 1993. ’Het Archief’ refers to the former archive premises of the Dutch Foreign Office. A unique locale, not only because of its size (7 metres long, 5 metres broad and 12 metres high) but also because it affords access up to a considerable height, by means of spiral staircases leading to three wrought-iron galleries. Installed high up are two monitors, with their screens facing directly downwards (the feet), while at ground level are the remaining three monitors whose screens are directed straight upwards. (the mouth, ear and eye)


After the premiere of ’Frozen Voice’ in ‘Het Archief’, the work has been presented at several other locations configured in different ways :


·                  "Festival a/d Werf," Sterrenwacht Sonneborgh, Utrecht 1994

·                  Amelisweerd, (Centraal Museum Utrecht) Netherlands 2002










‘Het Archief’



a/d Werf