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·                  More details (Dutch)

·                  First concept, June 2004

‘Malta, an island of rich diversity’


single channel video

7 minutes


In June 2004 ‘Kunstgebouw, foundation of art and culture of the province of Zuid-Holland together with the ‘Film by the Sea’ festival, has given a commission to 10 filmmakers/ video artists to make a short film portrait of each of the new EU members. The artists had to work with found footage: film or photographic material that already exists and which the filmmaker gives a new identity through editing.

In this context Peter Bogers made a film about Malta.




Required equipment:

·                  3 synchronised videosources (optional supplied by the artist)  

·                  3 stereo amplifiers + loudspeakers + sub-woofer)

·                  3 video-projectors (min. 1000 ansilumen)


Light: low light/ no light
sound volume: quite present