Concept of the audiovisual installation

‘Glued Eye’  2020

VIDEO (virtual 3-d impression)

additional text

The installation consists of two black and white video images, one video projector and two thin (2 mm) illuminated fibre lines.

A large projection shows images of moving objects or people that are fixed in one place on the wall by means of a sophisticated tracking technique. This technique continuously shifts the frame of the video image in a way that the chosen object stays in one place. Thus, all movements are neutralised.

Directly behind the projector a very small 4,7 inch screen shows a close-up of a moving eyeball, of which the pupil is fixed in the middle of the screen. A luminous wire is stretched across the exhibition room, between the fixed point of the projected image and the centre of the small eye pupil. The wire is a physical and stationary element in the exhibition room.