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‘The secret place of the most high’


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A videowork of Peter Bogers based on present-day global political and religious contrapositions.

Bogers uses video- and sound recordings taken from international satellite transmitters whose programs are based on religion. He creates delicate combinations of chanted Koran texts and images of an American TV-priest. The contrast is put to its maximum and at the same time emotional and intentional connexions are created between two juxtaposed philosophies.


In a (large) room a monitor is placed on a socle. It shows the performance of an American TV-preacher, recorded from an international religious satellite channel called ‘God’. With regular intervals the preachers speech is replaced by the sound of chanted, more or less lip synchronised, Koran texts. The original speech audio-parts are directly connected to the image on the monitor. The Koran texts are played through two horn-loudspeakers which are attached to the ceiling.