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From it’s origin ‘Linking’ consists of a small table, three lcd-videoscreens and a headphone.

One screen is standing on the table, two others are built into the front of the tabletop. One can sit down and put on a headphone. The sound is split in two separate channels. On the right side we hear Koran-texts being spoken in Arabic. At exactly the same time the English translation is played on the left side. The Arabic and English texts are time-stretched in a way that they exactly match concerning the parts where text is being spoken and concerning the breathing intervals.

The two LCD screens built into the table-top show images of a left and a right hand, making slow mirrored movements each time a text fragment is performed.

After 2007 the work has also been presented as a double projection or on two separate LCD-screens.  In this case the text is included inside the images of the hands.

linking linking linking linking linking linking Text Box: ‘2007 version
Text Box: original version