‘Force II & III’ combined at the ‘Lewis Glucksman Gallery’ in Cork, Ireland

'Force' is a video installation that Peter Bogers has been presenting since 1996 in a continuously changing form. The origin is a fragile power-play between a clenched fist and a cupped hand. The hand and the fist are slowly rotating together and one after the other either the hand or the fist trembles in a mechanical way. Just when the quivering changes from the hand to the fist or vice versa, a strong flashlight is triggered off and lights up the screen. The slight ticking sound of the flashlight is heavily amplified.







two video installations by

 Peter Bogers

Force II (1996)

Force III (2001)

In 2001 Bogers made ’Force III’. Thematically related to ’Force II’ this new work uses the same external flashlight, lightning up the video-screen similar to the way it was used in Force II. The images are different though: On a patch of grass  we can see a man fighting/playing with a boy (father and son) in extreme slow-motion. Every time the flashlight is triggered a new scene shows up, confronting the viewer with a new scene, in which the dividing line between playing and having a grim struggle is very thin and hard to  distinguish. The sound of the flashlight is reduced to a slight electronic tick.