Peter Bogers’ video-art creates a connection with viewers

By Kurt Shaw

Friday, September 13, 2002




………………...Also featuring the artist submerged in water, the piece is titled "Play-Rev-Play" (1999), because, Bogers says, "It refers to the technique - how it is made."

An installation, the piece comprises three large semi-transparent screens that Bogers has strategically hung in the 30- by 60-foot gallery. On the screens are projected partial images of himself - in particular his head, a hand and a foot - videotaped while submerged in water.
Not knowing whether he is drowning, hiding or shutting out the world, the viewer is surprised when - all at once - the body breaks the surface of the water.
"The person comes up, then the video is frozen and played backwards in reverse slowly and the sound goes along with it," Bogers says.
Hovering at the edge of abstraction, the suspended video images have a fragile, vulnerable aspect. Over time, they persist like an obsession, or a healing wound, where periods of relative calm are suddenly disrupted.
In Bogers' work, video projection is no longer simply a mode of representation. He has transformed it into a fluid and synthetic medium that transports the viewer to a place between time and space where reality is slowed and examined.
The exhibition is a remarkable debut for an artist who, no doubt, will not go unnoticed.


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