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‘Without The Word (1)’


Peter Bogers



The work  uses four monitors, installed as depicted alongside. On the monitor-screens we see isolated close-ups of, respectively, eyes, ears and a mouth.

The soundtrack consists of short fragments from emotional public speeches. The movements of the mouth are synchronised with these snatches of rhetoric. Whenever speech is articulated, we see the accompanying movements on all four screens.

Throughout these fragments of speech the division of close-ups sporadically change over the screens of the four monitors. For instance, the mouth vanishes from monitor 1, and then appears again on monitor 4. At the same time, the eye disappears from monitor 4, only to pop up again on monitor 3. This switching of 'parts' takes place on a regular basis.

The head from which the video sequences are made, becomes an object turned in on itself, a self-observing entity.