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limited edition



Peter Bogers



A glass display case measuring 57 X 25 X 25 CMS, is placed on the floor. Inside a very small black/white monitor is mounted, the screen facing the ceiling. Just above the monitor, forming part of the display case,  two  lenses  both enlarge and distort the video image, depending on the position of the observer. Looking through the lenses we see an opened mouth, filmed from above, surrounded by water. The water rises and gradually fills the mouth. Subsequently the water level drops but the mouth opening remains full of water. Then, the water is swallowed until the mouth is empty again. This sequence of happenings repeats itself endlessly. A large black and white photograph, 1.20 X 3.10 metres, hangs on the wall behind the display case. The shooting set of the video image, a person lying into a bathtub,  is shown here.