GRENZELOOS KIJKEN (Looking without Boundaries)


1rst concept concerning a 6-minute video about Malta


 This concept is based on the idea of Malta as a society that has been influenced intensely through history, by a diversity of Arab and Western countries.

This diverse cultural background is embodied in the fact that Malta is a bilingual society where English and Maltese are official languages. Maltese is a Semitic language, closely connected to Western Arab dialects and also bears traces of the English, Italian, Spanish and French language.

The economy of this modern cultural melting pot is mostly based on tourism.

On the one hand you can say, cynically, that autonomous Malta is now more or less depended on its former occupants, who now return as tourists that recognize their former traces. It is read somewhere:

“The traveller can enjoy a refreshing balance of convenience and unvarnished local charm”.

The idea of this short film is to expose as well the convenient side of Malta (the tourist industry and the source of income it represents) as well as the local charm (daily life).


 Therefore several sources will be used:


 1-    the video will be based on pictures that I take and will convert to video later on. Over these  pictures I can film panoramically, parts will be blown up, etc.


 2-    as a second source I will use the multilingual footage from TV channels in Malta.


 3-    the third source will exist of found photo- and video footage, made for personal purposes or    advertising material found on the street etc.


Audiovisual-material from the second and third source will be edited inside the pictures (from the first source) in a way that a fluent entity comes into being in which the cultural multiformity of the Maltese society will be brought up on several levels. 



 Peter Bogers   Juni 2004


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