Kunstgebouw, foundation of art and culture of the province of Zuid-Holland is creating a project with the title 'Grenzeloos Kijken', in cooperation with the international film festival Film by the Sea. This project is initiated to introduce the 10 new members of the European Union to The Netherlands, using film as a medium. Grenzeloos Kijken will be a part of this year’s edition of Film by the Sea, the festival takes place in both Scheveningen and Vlissingen.

A part of Grenzeloos Kijken is a commission that Kunstgebouw gives to 10 filmmakers/ video artists to make a short film portrait of each of the new EU members. They will work with found footage. Found footage is film material that already exists and which the filmmaker will give a new identity through editing. In the end we will have 10 portraits of 6 minutes, a total program of an hour. This will have its world premiere during Film by the Sea in Scheveningen (between September 13-17, 2004) and will be shown at the festival in Vlissingen (September 10-19, 2004) as well. After that it will tour through the art cinemas in Zuid Holland.

Peter Bogers, a famous artist in The Netherlands, who had already several exhibitions in prominent museums, would like to make a portrait about Malta. He is interested in the combination of elements of the Arabic culture and the West-Europe’s culture, especially  in the several languages which are spoken in Malta. We are looking forward to see his film.


participating artists:


Tjechie:        Arno Coenen

Hongarije:      Julika Rudelius

Cyprus:         Jasmina Fekovic

Polen:          Geer Mul

Slovenie:       Nicols Provost

Estland:        Klaas van Gorkum

Litouwen:       Stella van Voorst van Beest

Malta:          Perer Bogers

Letland:        Marten Winters

Slowakije:      Marjoleine Boonstra