Peter Bogers’ (b. 1956) penetrating videos and multimedia installations home in on the movements,behaviours and sounds made by human beings. To that end, he often uses a resource that is close to hand and always available: his own body. But he also avails himself of images and sounds from the external world– his own video footage and media content he restructures and reorders. Bogers’ works exude a great physical power. His videos track the minute movements of hands and fingertips, linger on isolated, floating body parts, and use endlessly repeated and slowed-down images to create a palpable vacuum in time and space.

His penetrating audio installations seem to render sound tangible.

In Bodyscanning, Parts Project is showing works in which Bogers uses

his own body as a departure point for his investigations. Created in the focused atmosphere of the studio, they show a steady line running through Bogers’ oeuvre, from his early performance films to his recent multimedia installations.


a solo exhibition at gallery ‘Parts Project’
The Hague, The Netherlands 2017

supported by C-space Gallery, Beijing