a solo exhibition at gallery ‘Parts Project’
The Hague, The Netherlands 2017

VIDEO (documentation of the exhibition)


review in ‘Metropolis M’ (Dutch)

As a performance artist in the early eighties Peter Bogers was part of the first generation of Dutch artists to actively made use of video. Initially only to record his performances, subsequently much more as an independent medium that enabled him to influence movement, perception of time, space and sound.
‘Bodyscanning’ shows the part of Peter Bogers’ oeuvre in which he investigates the d
ivision one can experience between the physical body and the spiritual body. An inescapable duality that has occupied human beings for centuries, and a subject that Bogers finds deeply fascinating. Over the years this has taken shape in his work from his early performance related works to his recent video-sculptures.


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supported by C-space Gallery, Beijing